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"Service is Our Specialty"

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Welcome to Angle Truss, Inc.

Why choose us for your next project?

   Angle Truss is a family owned and operated manufacturer of roof and floor trusses made of wood or light gauge metal.  We practice a simple business philosophy; treat others how you would like to be treated.

   The CAD-based design software we use generates traditional plan view layouts, and 3-D graphics that give an accurate picture of a roof from virtually any perspective by showing every truss in place.  We also supply Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVLs), Beams, I-Joists and Hangers.

   No project is too small or too large.  We have supplied roof & floor trusses ranging from a small shed to multimillion-dollar custom homes, churches, hotels and shopping centers.

   We enjoy an excellent reputation for outstanding service and value.  Our Motto "Service is Our Specialty" is practiced by all of us.  We would like to be part of your next project.  Please contact us for a prompt quote.

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